Brief History

In November 1958, the then Government of Pakistan introduced a scheme to reorganize the Trade Bodies with a view to enhance the value of their advice and making them more effective so they could play their rightful role in the field of trade, commerce, industry and economy of the country.

In presence of the said scheme for reorganization of Association; The Pakistan Automobile Spare Parts Importers & Dealers was incorporated on All Pakistan basis in 1961 as B Class Association for the purposes of enumerated below among others:

  • To encourage friendly feelings and unanimity amongst automobile spare parts importers and dealers on all subjects connected with their common good.
  • To secure good relations between members of the Association.
  • To promote and protect commercial and industry of Pakistan in general and of the automobile spare parts and accessories trade in particular.
  • To take all steps which may be necessary for promoting, supporting or opposing legislative and other measures effecting the trade, commerce and industry or its members.
  • To make representations to local, provincial and Federal Government on any matter connected with the trade and its members.
  • To arbitrate in settlement of disputes arising out of transactions in automotive spare parts and accessories and other manufactured goods, between parties willing or agreeing to submit to arbitration in accordance with the arbitration rules of the Association.
  • To undertake special enquiries and initiate any action for securing redress of legitimate grievances connected with the trade of automotive spare parts.
  • To take any action which may be conducive to the extension of the automobile trade and its members or incidentally to attainment of objective of the Association.
  • To undertake effective steps for the eradication of unethical business practices from the field of automobile trade.

The Head office of the Association is situated at Karachi. Four Circle Offices have been established at Karachi, Lahore, Quetta & Peshawar which are working very satisfactorily at their areas. This is the only Association in Pakistan having Circle Offices in all the (4) four Provinces of Pakistan. The Head Office of the Association deals with all matters affecting all the members of the Association or the trade as a whole. While local and regional problems are being dealt with by the Circle Offices viz Sindh Circle, Punjab Circle, Baluchistan Circle and KPK Circle.

The management is vested in the Head Office to the Central Executive Committee and the Circle Offices are supervised by the Circle Executive Committees.

At present the Association has on its rolls about 1000 members. Since its formation the Association has not only been extending its prompt help and assistance to its members for the redress of their individual difficulties but has also been opposing the policies of the Government’s detrimental to the interests of automotive trade and making various recommendations for the redress of untoward affect of such policies.

The Association does not claim that all its proposals and recommendations made to the Government from time to time have fully been accepted but the achievements of the Association have, however not been discouraging.

The Association was registered in 1961 on all Pakistan bases as “B” class association in the field of commerce, industry and economy of the country the Government of Pakistan was pleased to raise the states of PASPIDA to “A” class Association in 1977.

Besides the commercial and trade activities the Association has never failed to fulfill its moral and social obligation and the Association generously contributed funds at the time of natural calamities such as floods, earth quakes, drought, wars with India, Karachi University Reserve Fund etc. Construction of PASPIDA Ward at Gulab Davi Chest Hospital, Lahore, Karachi University Reserve Fund.

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